Director                           Film 

Redley Scoot               Blade Runner - Gladiator               clip Blade Runner

David Lean                  Lawrence of Arabia                       clip

Stanley Kubrick           The Killing - Paths of Glory - Spartacus - Dr. Strangelove - Lolita - A Space Odyssey - Barry Lyndon -

                                     A Clockwork Orange - Full Metal Jacket - The Shining     clip The Killing clip B. Lyndon

John Huston                The Asphalt Jungle                     clip  

Elia Kazan                   On the Waterfront                          clip  

Alfred Hitchcock          Vertigo - Psycho - Frenzy               clip

Orson Welles                Citizen Kane - The Magnificent Ambersons  - Touch of Evil          clip Citizen Kane         clip Touch of Evil

Carol Reed                   The Third Man

Charles Laughton         The Night of the Hunter                clip

Billy Wilder                   Sunset Boulevard                          clip

John Frankenheimer     The Manchurian Candidate - The French Connection II                 clip The French Connection II

Akira Kurosawa            Seven Samurai - Yojimbo - The Hidden Fortress - Rashomon         clip Yojimbo

Sergio Leone                 A Fistful of Dollars - Once Upon A Time In the West - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Peter Yates                    Bullitt                                                clip  

Norman Jewison            In the heat of the night        The Cincinnati Kid     clip In the heat of the night  

Fred Zinnemann            High Noon - The Day of the Jackal    clip High Noon        clip The Day of the Jackal

William Friedkin           The French Connection                         clip

Alan J. Pakula              Klute                                                    clip

Nicolas Roeg                 Don't look now                               clip

Francis Ford Coppola   The Godfather - The Conversation - Apocalypse Now    clip Apocalypse Now

John Cassavetes            Faces - The Killing of a Chinese Bookie - Gloria      clip The Killing.

David Lean                   Lawrence of Arabia

David Lynch                 The Elephant Man - Blue Velvet - Wild at Heart

Michelangelo Antonioni  Blow Up                                         clip

Luis Bu˝uel                  Belle de Jour                                     clip

Fritz Lang                     M - Metropolis - Dr. Mabuse

Martin Scorsese            GoodFellas - Casino - Taxi Driver - Mean Streets - The Band - No Direction Home - Shine a Light  clip1 Mean Streets  clip2 Mean Streets

Lars Von Trier              Element of Crime - Epidemic - Europa - Anticrist

Terry Gilliams               Time Bandits - Brazil - The Adv. of Baron Munchausen - Twelve Monkeys -

                                      The Imagi. of Doctor Parnassus          clip Brazil  clip Twelve Monkey   clip The Imagi. of Doctor Parnassus

Henning Carlsen           Sult

Bille August                  Pelle the Conqueror   clip

Ingmar Bergman          The Seventh Seal - The Magician - Fanny and Alexander    clip The seventh Seal   clip The Magician

Jonathan Glazer           Sexy Beast                                   clip    clip

Paul Greengrass            The Bourne Supremacy                    clip

Robert Rodriguez         From Dusk till Dawn                        clip

Julie Taymor                Frida                                                clip

Jane Campion              The Piano                                  clip

Zhang Yimou                Ju Dou                                             clip

Niel Jordan                   Mona Lisa                                 clip

Peter Greenaway          The Pillow Book         

Giuseppe Tornatore      Malena         

Ifahs Aibos                   The most Beautiful/Charming/Intelligent Woman in the World

Quentin Tarantino        Reservoir Dogs

Joel/Ethan Coen            Fargo - O Brother, where art thou? - The Man who wasn't there

Peter Weir                     Master & Commander

David Cronenberg         Eastern Promises - A History of Violence

Terrence Malick            Thin Red Line

Woody Allen                 Manhattan - Match Point

Guillelermo Del Toro    Pan's Labyrinth - El Orfanato

Roman Polanski            Chinatown - Rosemary's Baby

Baz Luhrmann              Strictly Ballroom - Moulin Rouge

Steven Spielberg            Schindlers List

Wolfgang Petersen         Das Boot

Sean Penn                     The Pledge

Clint Eastwood              Pale Rider - Unforgiven                    clip Pale Rider    clip Unforgiven

James Mangold             3:10 to Yuma                                    clip

Steven Soderbergh        The Limey - Traffic                            clip Limey

Todd Haynes                 I'am not there                                   clip

D.A.Pennebaker            Don't look back                                 clip

F.H.v. Donnersmarcks  Das Leben der Anderen

Ang Lee                        Lust Caution

Tom Dicillo                   When you're Strange                        clip

Christopher Nolan        Memento - Insomnia - Batman Begins - The Prestige - The Dark Knight - Inception   clip The Dark Knighth  clip Inseption    

Nicolas Winding Refn   Drive                                                 clip

IndieWire                   clip